Don't Replace it, Fix it!

How it works

Its as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Choose the service or services that you want performed.

Step 2: Send your device to us in the mail.

Step 3: By the next day your device will be on its way back to you!




It's as easy as this

Simply send your device to us and we will diagnose the problem, give you an estimate, upon your approval of the estimate then repair the phone and return the phone to you. All within days of receiving your phone! Send us your broken iPhone and we will repair your cracked screen immediately. We will update your iPhone software. We will fix your iPhone with a quick turnaround. So send us your smashed up screen, software failing, broken button iPhone and we will make your day a bit better!

The IPhone Doctor is an independent company and is not supported or endorsed in any way by Apple, inc.

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