The iPhone 4 has been around for about a year now, this Christmas, and as everyone knows we were expecting the new iPhone 5 to be unveiled in the 2011-2012 year. But we were duped! Or were we? On October 4th apple announced that they will be releasing the iPhone 4s in retail stores on October 14th and if you don't want to stand in long lines on that day then you can ore-order it starting October 7th.

The iPhone 4s had many new upgrades. First off they upgraded the processor so that as if the iPhone 4 wasn't already fast they made it faster. In fact, they used the same processer that they have in the iPad 2, so it's not really "new" technology but it is definitely a new implementation. Next, they upgraded the camera by increasing the megapixels but they state that phone cameras are not solely based on megapixels. Therefore, the improved the camera also by opening the view a little more to increase the amount of light and addendum another lens in the camera in order to create a sharper and clearer image. But wait! Features were added to the video function too, it has a stability function which keeps the video from being sensitive to the movement of one's hand giving it a very clear, fluid movement to appear almost professional.

Lastly, I think my favorite feature is this awesome new feature that is practically like a personal assistant, you can talk to the phone and tell it to do almost anything. This "assistant" also does all the functions that the normal voice command from the previous iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 did when you press and hold the home button. In addition, you can search the web for a place to dine, reschedule an appointment, make an appointment, play songs and even read text messages and write them by speaking. These are just a few among many changes they made!

Honestly, I think this was a little too early to unveil the iPhone 4s because people still like the iPhone 4 and it is still revolutionary. It's not like people with the iPhone 4 or even the 3GS are switching to another phone. Apple still has the cutting edge phone and it will be like that for a long while. However, I suppose that since Microsoft had come out with their windows phone, which is comparable to the 3GS and 4 but not as good as the 4, they felt like they needed to stomp the competition. Either way the iPhone 4s is coming out on the 14th and as always people will be rushing to the store to buy it. Nevertheless, from what I have seen of the iPhone 4s it looks amazing And there is no doubt in my mind that consumers will love it.

-The IPhone Doctor