This morning we heard that Apple might be announcing the next generation iPhone on Oct. 4, but now there's additional news that former Vice President Al Gore — a member of Apple's Board of Directors — slipped up and talked about the "new iPhones coming out next month."

That's right — iPhones. Plural.

According to The Next Web, Gore casually mentioned the new Apple gadgets during the Discovery Invest Leadership Summit today:

We’ve been informed by Toby Shapshak, the editor of Stuff Magazine in South Africa that is attending the conference, that his quote was specifically: “Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month. That was a plug.”

Shapshak says that the statement was definitely plural, although it wasn’t clear whether that meant two different models, as the statement was not clarified in any way by Gore.

While it is highly unusual for a member of Apple's board of directors to say anything about the company's future plans prior to an official announcement, we wouldn't be very surprised if what Gore said is true.

After all, multiple rumors and reports suggested that Apple is working on two iPhone models, one a cheaper, lower-end model and the other a totally redesigned high-end device.