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iPhone Keeps up the Change

Posted by The IPhone Doctor on Wednesday, October 5, 2011, In : iPhone 4s 

The iPhone 4 has been around for about a year now, this Christmas, and as everyone knows we were expecting the new iPhone 5 to be unveiled in the 2011-2012 year. But we were duped! Or were we? On October 4th apple announced that they will be releasing the iPhone 4s in retail stores on October 14th and if you don't want to stand in long lines on that day then you can ore-order it starting October 7th.

The iPhone 4s had many new upgrades. First off they upgraded the processor so that as if th...

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Where is the Iphone5??

Posted by The IPhone Doctor on Wednesday, October 5, 2011, In : Iphone 5 

The iPhone 4S is here, but is it what Apple fans wanted?

Today, Apple introduced the world to its next smartphone, and it looks quite a bit like the iPhone 4. That's because the new phone — called the iPhone 4S — is essentially an iPhone 4 with slightly different insides. Nobody should be surprised by this revelation, as the company has already done this once before with the move from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 3GS. But for the millions of Apple fans eagerly anticipating a de...

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